Other services

  • Asado+ Football Match

    Why don't combine both: Asado & Football?

    Try our tipical "Asado" (barbacue) at  "Bar El Facal", a legendary bar situated on our main street and then enjoy our passion for football.

    Before buying: itinerary should be previously coordinate with Fanáticos Fútbol Tours

  • Other teams

    Try to go to smaller teams matches & enjoy the passion with their supporters.

    Enjoy a match in a smaller stadium, where you can really feel the love of the supporters for their team.

    Ask for the OFFERS we have every weekend.

  • Prado neighborhood + Football tour

    Visit the great neighborhood of "El Prado" and their 3 teams stadiums.

    Enjoy visiting one of the neighborhood with most legends: El Prado.

    There you can also find 3 football teams: River Plate, Montevideo Wanderers  & Bella Vista.


  • Uruguayan Carnival

    Now you can join us and live other main cultural attraction in Uruguay, its Carnival.

    Carnival is another significant pillar of the Uruguayan tradition. When we refer to Uruguayan Carnival, we mean art, music, theater, murga, candombe, among other things.

    Same as we do with soccer and in order for you to deeply know our country we invite you to visit the Uruguayan Carnival Museum. The Museum is located in Montevideo´s Old

    Town very near from our main gastronomic center, the Port Market.

    Come and live carnival from the inside and surprise yourself with other significant Uruguayan attraction, admired in the whole world.

    Find more information in www.museodelcarnaval.org